Attention all yoga teachers &  wellness entrepreneurs 🚨

After 3 years of running my own personal brand and blog, I have a new extension of my business which is… Studio Shakti.

Studio Shakti is where I help wellness entrepreneurs build their personal brand identity and WordPress websites. My method is a bit unique. I use kundalini yoga and personal clarity assessments to help my clients get creative and clear about who they truly are. It is my biggest value to create a brand design and website that reflects their authentic selves and offerings.

Below are a few examples of my brand identity designs and graphics. To check out my packages and my full portfolio head over to the STUDIO.

Branding Styling & Design

Branding style boards are the most important piece of developing brand identity. These boards are created to be a reference for essential branding elements. They are used to define a brand’s overall style and they keep the brand visually consistent. You can view more of my portfolio at

Website Design

I work exclusively with WordPress to create strategic, stylish, and responsive websites that you and your ideal clients will love.

Starting with website strategy so we know the main purpose of your website we will create a plan for your customers journey through your website to the ultimate goal whether that’s buying a product, booking a call or downloading your freebie.

We will make sure your website is fully integrated with all your social media and becomes the beautiful new home for your business on the internet that you can’t wait to send potential clients to and that converts them into paying customers.

Content and Copy Writing 

I create education, entertaining, and enlightening health and wellness content for different companies and brands all around the globe. I have assisted in developing online courses, created strategic and information wellness content for apps, written yoga tutorials that are published across the web.

Some of my work has been published in Om Yoga Magazine UK, Mantra Magazine, UK Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Yoga Trade.

And my copywriting portfolio includes Pause Mindfulness App,  Apple App Store, and Orgasmic Breathing Academy.

As I have grown and changed over the years so has my business and personal brand. Today you can find me over at designing brands and websites for creative entrepreneurs.