Seasonal Affect Disorder, winter blues, or just an overall gloomy feeling tends to appear this time of year. Here are 11 things to add a little more happiness, wellness, and warmth to your winter.

  1. Vitamins. The sun nourishes our bodies with vitamin D. That sunshine happy high is a result of the vitamin D being synthesized in the body.  Our bodies get less of it in the winter due to the lack of sun. Adding a vitamin D supplement can support your immune and nervous system along in addition to boosting your mood. B Vitamins especially B6 and folic acid are beneficial during the winter slum. B Vitamins are energizing therefore they are beneficial in the winter months to help give your body that extra boost when it is difficult to think about getting out of your warm bed and start your day.
  2. Lamps. The winter brings a lot of dull and darkness with it. There are lamps specific to helping Seasonal Affect Disorder. These can be found on amazon, target, bed bath and beyond, etc. These Seasonal Affect Disorder Lamps are to be turned on in the morning when waking and can even be set to be turned on before you wake. This helps our bodies get more light exposure we are not getting from the sun. I personally have a salt rock lamp and I have fallen in love with in this winter. Salt rock lamps emit negative ions which can create a more calming feeling. I love the vibe mine gives off it creates a mood of ease in my room.
  3. Plan a trip. You may be thinking, “Yes it would be nice to plan a trip if only I had the money”. Well planning travel is really not as expensive as you think. My friend just sent me a flight round trip Indy to Orlando for $40. Start to look on Google Flights or set flight tracker. Travel is much more tangible that you think. Even if you can’t fly somewhere sunny getting out of your own space and going somewhere new for a few days can help you feel recharged and refreshed.
  4. Massage. This one is pretty self explanatory, massages almost always make you feel more fabulous after. You can find decently priced massages on Groupon. Just stay in on weekend and take the money you would spend on a night out to invest in your wellness.
  5. Exercise. Write yourself a prescription for daily exercise. This is going to help release those endorphins, get your body warm, and keep the winter bod away. Personally I have loved doing hot yoga this winter. It makes me feel so much more pure after a class and I love the heat. Swimming is another great option to get your body a change of feels and environment. Gym memberships are typically on sale for all the new years resolutioners, so take full advantage.
  6. Electric Blankets. I swear by electric blankets. I find them to be extremely therapeutic. These help ease your muscles, achy joints, any body tenderness. (They can also help cut your electric bill by turning down the heat and turning up the blanket at night.) These can be expensive but you can by a smaller electric throw to keep on your bed.
  7. Essential Oil. Whether you are putting them on your body or in your oil diffuser frankincense, orange, and lavender are great choices to pull you out the winter gloom.
  8. Tanning. Yes although I am a health nut and I do not recommend  habitually tanning getting some Vitamin D in the tanning bed can help give you a little buzz if you are feeling dull. I think spray tans as well give you some extra color and overall pep.
  9. Plan activities. It can feel very defeating to leave your house at extremely cold temperatures. Put some fun activities on your calendar with your friends to hold you accountable for getting out of your space and doing something. Although it may seem You unappealing to leave the house , you will feel refreshed after.
  10. Plants. Get some life growing in your space. Plants add an uplifting  energy and vibe to your space. It is also rewarding to watch them grow. Now is a great time to get plant on sale as well since it is out of season.
  11. Cut Carbs. I have been craving mac and cheese and chips for days. We typically crave these simple carbohydrate because they quickly break down in the body and release serotonin, a happy feeling neurotransmitter in the brain. Yet after consuming a large amount the lead to feelings of lethargy and weight gain. So although those carbs give you a fleeing high leading to keep us more in our lazy slum.